Bibliography of Austin’s Novels

Austin published 23 novels during her lifetime, and one was published posthumously. I’ve either linked to online editions of the full text or provided serialized publication information.


Fairy Dreams; or, Wanderings in Elf-Land. Boston: Tilton, 1859.

Kinah’s Curse! Or, The Downfall of Carnaby Cedars. Boston: Elliott, Thomes & Talbot, 1864.

  • Serialized in Flag of Our Union

The Tailor Boy. Tifton & Co, 1865.

Dora Darling: The Daughter of the Regiment. Boston: Tilton, 1865.

The Novice; or, Mother Church Thwarted. Boston: Elliott, Thomes & Talbot, 1865.

  • A copy of this dime novel can be seen at the Houghton Library at Harvard.

The Outcast; or, The Master of Falcon’s Eyrie. Boston: Elliott, Thomes & Talbot, 1865.

  • Serialized in Ballou’s Monthly Magazine

Outpost. Boston: Tilton, 1867.

Cipher: A Romance. New York: Sheldon, 1869.

  • First serialized in The Galaxy October 1868-April 1869

The Shadow of Moloch Mountain. New York: Sheldon, 1870.

Moonfolk: A True Account of the Home of the Fairy Tales. New York: Putnam, 1874.

Mrs. Beauchamp Brown. Boston: Roberts Brothers, 1880.

A Nameless Nobleman. Boston: Osgood, 1881.

The Desmond Hundred. Boston: Osgood, 1882.

Nantucket Scraps: Being the Experiences of an Off-Islander, in Season and Out of Season, Among a Passing People. Boston: Osgood, 1883.

The Story of a Storm. New York: Lupton, 1886.

  • Serialized in Peterson’s Magazine.

Standish of Standish: A Story of the Pilgrims. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1889.

Dolores. New York: Lupton, 1890.

Dr. LeBaron and His Daughters. Boston: Houghton, Mifflin, 1890.

Betty Alden: The First Born Daughter of the Pilgrims. Boston: Houghton, Mifflin, 1891.

David Alden’s Daughter and Other Stories of Colonial Times. Boston: Houghton, Mifflin, 1892.

It Never Did Run Smooth. New York: Lupton, 1892.

  • Serialized in Peterson’s Magazine.

Queen Tempest. New York: Ivers, 1892.

The Twelve Great Diamonds. New York: Lupton, 1892.

The Cedar Swamp Mystery. New York: Lupton, Lovell, 1901.

  • Serialized in Peterson’s Magazine