Standish of Standish

I’m finally posting the edited and annotated Standish of Standish that I’ve been working on all summer. The Pilgrims were late when they left Plymouth, England, on September 6, 1620, after a series of unfortunate events, and their late arrival had disastrous consequences. I’m posting this 397 years later, almost to the date!

My own venture with the annotated edition has also been delayed, but fortunately I’m not dealing with a life-or-death situation! I’ve included a few essays providing some biographical information on Austin, a clarification of passenger names, and some context about the book itself. This has taken hours and hours, but it’s finally ready!

In the seven years that I’ve been researching Austin, I have had only two conversations with people who read the book (I am not counting my dissertation advisor, since our conversations were a little different!). I’m really anxious to hear what people think about it! If you download it, please either join our Facebook discussion or post comments here!

Click here to download the PDF of Standish of Standish

Technical notes: This PDF file is 1 mg. Kindles, Nooks, and other tablets should be able to access it. I prefer print myself, and maybe someday I’ll make this available as a print edition (or find a publisher), but for now, that didn’t seem feasible. You could print it, but it’s 225 pages!