Bluestocking Bulletin biography of Jane Goodwin Austin

Bluestocking Bulletin biography of Jane Goodwin Austin

I’m so excited to share a link to a profile of Austin that I wrote for Anne Boyd Rioux’s Bluestocking Bulletin, a newsletter with updates about her own work and which features a profile of a woman writer.

I thoroughly enjoyed Constance Fenimore Woolson: Portrait of a Lady Novelist, which Dr. Rioux published to great acclaim in 2016. I first encountered Woolson in a course of American women regionalist writers several years ago. While the class was nearly unanimous in admiring her work, Woolson’s relationship with Henry James overshadowed our discussions. Rioux’s biography shows that Woolson was a talented and ambitious writer who achieved success on her own. She didn’t need James’ approval of her work, and she didn’t need his love. American women writers were marginalized and patronized not only by their male colleagues but also their biographers and literary critics, but recovery work like Rioux’s seeks to correct that.  Eventually I hope to do the same for Austin.



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